Submit to One Another Pt. 1| Holy Hygge Marriage

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Wives Submit to your husbands. (Eph 5:22)  One of the  most misquoted and misused and misunderstood scripture in the Bible. I cannot count how many times I followed through with “the Bible says you have to do it. You have to submit” simply because it was thrown in my face to do so. Yet, when it came to learning my way as a wife victorious in the ways of the Father Yahuah I learned that there is much more to this command than one might think.

To fully understand submission, we must back up to the verse prior to understand the role of submission itself in the marital covenant. Ephesians 5:21 says “Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.” KJV  Submitting yourselves, one to another.  Why? Out of reverence for our Father Yahuah.  The use of fear in this verse does not mean because we are afraid of the Great I Am.  It means out of reverence. Out of respect. Out of love and loyalty to the One who gave us life, love and sacred union.

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I think, perhaps, the most beautiful and explanatory version of this scripture that I read during my study of submission was “And the Spirit makes it possible to submit humbly to one another out of respect for the Anointed.” (VOICE)  This is the key, before we move forward in wisdom and understanding of how submission should look in marriage, we have to understand that the Spirit is the ONLY way we can fully embrace submission and see its beauty come to life in our marriages.

When we are in the Spirit and are giving Him full reign to lead us through our marital journey, submission is no longer the “dirty word” society has made it out to be. Instead, it becomes the most beautiful act of love a husband and wife can give each other. What Paul is teaching is a person filled with the Spirit will willingly submit themselves to the authority that is over them, the genuine submission of ones heart is not possible apart from the Holy Spirit and mutual submission is the key to a healthy and long lasting marital union. It solidifies the preservation of the marital covenant.

The original Greek text reads “hupotassomenoi (PPPMPNallelois en phobo Christou.”  hupó = under + tasso = arrange in orderly manner. To submit means literally to place under in an orderly fashion. It does not mean one rules like a tyrant over the other. It does not mean one kisses the feet of the other in a display of obedience. It simply means that true followers of Christ continually voluntarily place themselves in under the authority of one another. This submission does not take place because the spouse is worthy. It takes place because to do so is obeying the Father’s word and honors Him.

Wayne Barber notes that here in the context of marriage hupotasso “does not mean that (the wife) is commanded to obey her husband as a child would obey his parents or a slave would obey his master. A lot of men treat their wives as if they are a door mat. They walk all over them as if they have no sense, as if they have no ability, as if they are inferiors. That is not what (hupotasso) means.”

Dr. Barber goes on to explain that “hupotasso, the word used for wives to husbands, is the word that talks about two people who are absolutely equal in God’s eyes, totally equal. There is not one level of inferiority of one to the other. But the wife makes a choice to place herself as an equal underneath another equal, her husband, in order that there can be order and function in the family. The whole purpose of it is so that it meets the design that God has already ordered.

Submission to one another is an act of love out of respect for our heavenly Creator. It is a choice both must make to create order and unity in marriage. When we choose unity, we choose the life giving breath that keeps our marriage covenant strong and long lasting.

In Part 2 we will look at what mutual submission looks like in a solid marital union and how the choice to respect and honor the Father Yahuah brings contentment and peace in an otherwise discontented world.







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