Wives Submit in Everything Part 4 | Holy Hygge Marriage

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“But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything.” (Ephesians 5:24)  Everything seems like and awful lot. I mean….its everything! Even today, as I read this verse I ask myself, “Does He really mean everything?”  Yes. That is the intent of our Father when He charged us with our anointing as submissive wives living out His design in our marriages.

Notice I used the words “charged” with our “anointing”. He entrusted us with the task of submission. That task includes very difficult things like humility and service to others above self. It calls for patience, a quiet mouth and respect of authority. It is not something we can do relying upon the ways of this world. No. It takes an anointing of the Holy Spirit to be a submissive wife who sees the word “everything” and doesn’t cringe but rather considers it pure joy. Our anointing came the day we received Christ. It was on that day that we became sacred daughters of the Great I Am and in doing so we dedicated ourselves to Him in submission to our Heavenly Father Yahuah. It is the submission to our Father that said “everything” that truly brings us into our calling as submissive wives.

I tend to look at the word “everything” in a spiritual, not worldly way. If we are of this world, which we are not, then everything would mean everything: good or bad. We are told not to conform to this world but rather transform in the renewing of our mind. The renewal I received came when I realized “everything” has its limits. We are called to submit to our husbands as to the LordThis means true biblical submission can never include sin.  If our husbands are calling us into a sinful situation, submission is not warranted as we submit to our Father above our husbands. This means our husbands have authority, but not ultimate authority. Ultimate authority belongs to our Father and we should never choose sin over Him.

When it comes to respecting our husbands, however, there will still be times where we don’t agree, or we don’t like his choice or we just don’t feel like respecting something he has said or done. We are human wives with Christ-like qualities, yet we are not Christ himself. There will be bad days, but in those days it is most important to submit lovingly and willingly to our Father. Those days are the ones that make the most impact on our marriage. Those days are the days we have the opportunity to serve the Father by respecting our husbands, even when we don’t want to.

photo of couple near the field

When my husband and I met I learned very quickly that he doesn’t decorate and celebrate Christmas like I did. I was the queen of Christmas. I had decorations galore and it had always been a big deal to me. I watched Christmas movies every year. My tree was fantastic with all the sparkly lights carefully placed with the ornaments sitting just right on each limb. I even had a tree that rotated so you could see it in all its glory.  He does not share my delight in all things Christmas. He is not Jehovah’s Witness either. There are a few reasons he chooses not to, but above all he felt convicted that the holiday market pulls away from the glory of the birth of Christ. It is more about shopping than it is about our Savior. I could see his point of view but the disappointment was pretty great. I knew I was going to marry him eventually and that meant I would have to submit to his point of view. After all, it was because of his love of Yahuah that he had made his decision. There was no sin involved in his choice…it was clear this fell under “everything“. In honor of my Father, I let go of my Christmas holiday desires and instead found joy beyond joy in the presence of my husband every day, not just at Christmas.

My sisters, the viewpoint of submission cannot be half-hearted. We have been charged with the most important aspect of marriage: the ability and desire to submit in everything by standing firmly in our position to be subject to our husbands God given authority thereby keeping the marital union in a strong biblical state of joy. If we do not agree with our husbands, we can lovingly take our objections to him and together come to an agreeable conclusion or we will eventually have to choose submission to his decision. Either way, it is our choice. I believe that those who choose submission to everything will find themselves blessed beyond measure and living an abundant life.

I ask you today to take a look at your marriage. I know, just like me, you are questioning what “everything” looks like in your marriage. I would love for you to join us on our journey to understanding and implementing the idea of “everything” into your marriage. If you would like to receive our Yes. Everything. Challenge directly to your email please sign up below! You will receive daily emails for 30 days beginning June 1, 2020. Each email will be a short devotional dedicated to encouraging you in your walk as a wife after God’s heart!!

Part 5 will discuss our husbands place in the marital covenant and how we can support and encourage him in his calling as a husband who loves his wife!




5 responses to “Wives Submit in Everything Part 4 | Holy Hygge Marriage”

  1. […] 1 and Part 2 we looked at mutual submission, Part 3 covered wives submission to their husbands, Part 4 what God meant by everything and today we will begin a look at the husbands part in a strong […]


  2. Hmm, my mom loved to decorate for Christmas. Having sparkly lights and pretty well wrapped gifts brought her joy in a world that was often dark for her.
    I don’t subscribe to your views of marriage. Even if I did, I think something so simple and harmless as a sparkly Christmas tree needs to be obliterated because one’s spouse doesn’t entirely get it.


    1. Hi Kate. I appreciate your perspective and can understand where you are coming from. The great thing in this world is we can all have our views and live together harmoniously! Sometimes things we see as harmless are triggers of trauma for others which is what happened in my case along with his desire to cut it out because of faith so I chose to forgo the decorating out of love and respect for my husband. Thank you for commenting and I hope you have a fantastic day!


      1. The tree was a trigger of trauma?


        1. There are traumas that happen during holidays to a lot of people and the traumas are triggered by things like that…yes. Trauma affects everyone differently.


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