Happily Ever After | Holy Hygge for the Soul

sleeping beauty

I was raised on fairy-tales. Most of us were. We saw the beautiful princess get saved by her prince over and over again. We saw these valiant perfectly chiseled men riding on their majestic horses come in and sweep the thin beautiful princess off her feet while saving her from whatever calamity had occurred. We had these images in our minds that one day our prince would come. It was magical to watch it unfold, but it was damaging our views and expectations of our own realities in many ways. Especially when happily ever after became unattainable because our views of it were skewed.

Speaking from my own experience and from a place of transparency I will share that I know first hand how seeking happily ever after can be futile unless you know where it truly comes from. I believed that I had to be thin and blonde, with a good tan and sparkling white perfect teeth before I would find my prince. I placed so much emphasis on that thought process that I developed an eating disorder at 15. At 16 I was looking for ways to get breast implants, I was consumed with making sure I was tan and bleached my hair until it was completely damaged. I was thin and absolutely gorgeous but I didn’t see it. I looked for my prince to come save me and that did not happen. There were many “frogs” but never a real prince that swept me off my feet and saved me from the tragedy that was growing within me.

The bride and groomI wanted the prince and happily ever after. I wanted to feel special and looked upon with favor. I wanted to be known for my beauty, but more so for my heart. I wanted to be seen, truly seen, as the beautiful woman I am but most men never got past the shallowness to get to the good parts of me. The constant barrage of this world and its unattainable expectations began to take its toll on me and I began to despise beauty. I began to despise happy ever after because it did not exist. Or so I believed.

Until one day….I met my prince. 

He was unlike any man and truly is a prince. He swept me off my feet and gave me hope that agape love exists and peace is attainable. He showed me that I am adored and favored greatly for my heart of gold. He holds a special place in His palace for me and rescued me from despair. He showed me how my beauty is noticed by the One who created me and I never go unseen. He holds me daily, just as I am. No need to lose weight, dye my hair, put on makeup and spend hours deciding what to wear because He sees me at my worst and still adores everything about me. He holds no expectation over my head and deeply loves me for me. He is my best friend. My ally. My protector. My warrior. My king. He is my savior and without Him I am nothing. His name is known to many . I call him Yahushua. You may know him as Jesus Christ. He is a bold prince, the son of the One True King. He is love. He is strong and He is the one and only who can provide you with the love and adoration you seek. He is the only way we find happy ever after.

Happily ever after begins with Christ and continues through eternity with our Father. It is attainable here on earth, in the days we walk right now, through a relationship with Him. No man can give you what Christ gives. On the days we feel most vulnerable and unworthy, Christ can and will come alongside us, take our hands and lead us to still waters where we can look at our true reflection. Where we can see our true beauty and where we can have a glimpse at the princess we are, with our prince standing right next to us proudly holding us up in victory over this world and all the pains it seeks to give.

Christ, Yahushua, the son of God is our prince. One day we will see Him valiantly riding in on His majestic horse as He sweeps us up and whisks us away to our Kingdom. It will be magnificent and it will be happily ever after. Until that day, in all of our sorrows, all of our disappointments, all of our pains and sufferings we can still find joy. We need only to seek Him out and put our trust in Him that all is well and God is good in everything.  Happily ever after is waiting for us all. We simply need to trust and know that He is who he says He is and every day we are who He says WE are. That is where happily ever after is found.




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