What is Hygge | Can It Truly Be Holy?

There are a few words in different cultures that mean different things to different people. They are words of essence and emotion. They aren’t a religious word nor are they a word with specific quality. They just are and in being so they bring about positivity and peacefulness in the lives of those who see the beauty in their use. “Hygge”,pronounced hyoo·guh, is one of those words. It is a Danish word meaning “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being” and it can be very holy to those who see the quality of the Creator in it.

Today I want to share with you my view of hygge. Life is full of struggle. We all face it in many different forms. Not one of us will go through life without it. Struggle can cause severe loneliness and anxiety. It can bring on fear and doubt. It can tear a person down very quickly and feeds on depression. When we are facing struggle we often seek a space of solace. We need a calm presence to hug us and tell us it will be ok. We need peace, contentment and above all a good sense of well-being. For me, that comes from my Heavenly Father Yahuah. He is the ultimate hygge experience.

No one sees the deepest parts of my soul and loves me more than He does. He wanted my soul saved so badly that He sent His son to die for me and you. He rescues me daily from the depths of despair, especially in the darkest moments of struggle. His eyes are upon me constantly and He cares about all aspects of my life, mundane or extraordinary. In my deepest sorrows He never abandons me and when I am alone and I need that gentle hug of peace, He always reaches out and holds my heart in His very capable hands and says “My daughter, it will be ok. I am with you. Don’t fear. Believe and it will be.


The ultimate hygge experience is found in the presence of the Almighty. In Him the ultimate well-being can be found. In Him contentment reigns supreme. In Him love is abundant and peace persists through the darkness. He is the epitome of hygge and He is very, very holy.

When we experience hygge through the Father there is nothing holier. In Him I have found a space of almost surreal contentment and peace. My world can be falling apart, which it often has been, and I will sit in a calm state of divine peace that brings an immense sense of well-being. Chaos has tried to phase me but He provides solace. Pain and heartache have tried to overwhelm me yet I continue in love and gratitude.

This space of hygge is sacred. It is holy. It is peace, love, contentment and joy. It is holy hygge and it is how I choose to thrive.

It is my hope that you find your holy hygge space as well. That you excel and thrive fully in the presence of the One who redeems and loves with the deepest agape love. I hope you feel his “hugs” on the daily. He is always there waiting for you. All you need to do is look up to His presence and there you will find your holy hygge.


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