How to Practice Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is divine readingIt is a way of becoming immersed in the Scriptures on a deep personal level. The Christian form of Lectio Divina was first introduced by St. Gregory of Nyssa (c 330- 395), and encouraged by St. Benedict of Nursia (c 480-547), the founder of the Benedictine order. It is a sacred practice of reading the God breathed living Words of the Bible in a way that develops closer relationship with our Father.

In Lectio Divina, you read the chosen scripture four times in total. This allows you to read the text, reflect on the text, respond to the text and rest in the text. By doing so you can think about and receive His Word on a deeper more meaningful level.  Giving the Father this precious time each day allows Him to work within you at a soul level. It can be an intensely personal experience.

Many times I have needed answers to a burning question in my life. I would pray and ask my Father Yahuah for a piece of His living word to speak to me. When I came across it, I knew it. I could feel it in my soul that I was on the right scripture. Then…I took it to Him in lectio divina so that it could speak deeper. Lectio Divina is a truly amazing way to sit and be still with the Father. To hear Him and to know Him. It is not complicated and the more you practice the easier it becomes. Before you know it, it has become second nature!


Prepare a space that provides solitude and silence. Make this space your sacred place to meet with God. Plan to give the Father 30 minutes of your time. Choose your scripture. Read from four different Bible versions. Pray a prayer of invitation, “Father, let me hear from you. Fill my heart, soul and mind with your presence and discernment from your Holy Spirit. Let your words be a living water quenching my thirst for your goodness.” Sit quietly for a moment. Then begin.

Lectio (Read)

Your first reading is an opportunity to get to know the Scripture passage. Read aloud and slowly. Listen for any words or phrases that stand out to you. Don’t force it. Let God speak.

Meditatio (Reflect)

Your second reading of the same passage focuses further on the points that stood out in the first reading . Reflect on what you feel God is saying to you. Ask Him to make His focus clear.

Oratio (Respond)

Read the same passage a third time and prepare to respond.  Sit with His words for a moment. Take a deep breath in and release it. Relax in His presence and respond. You can respond in prayer or journal your responses.

Contemplatio (Rest)

Read the same passage one final time. Sit in quiet contemplation for at least 10 minutes. Do not pray. Do not meditate. Simply be still with the Father.  Allow Him to work in you. If your mind wanders, bring it back to the stillness with deep breaths. End your divine reading time by praying the scripture you have received. Ask Him to apply it in your life and thank Him for the time He has spent with you. Share your gratitude with Him and let Him know how He touched your soul today. Praise Him


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